Menorca to me is like a second home. A place of tranquility, nostalgia and great happiness. I spent my childhood exploring rock pools and prodding crabs, eating ice-creams and performing cabaret on our balcony. And in more recent years, my sister chose to get married here. So with London’s grey clouds spitting out hard rain and an autumn chill filling the air, I naturally escaped out here, where I sit writing peacefully from the terrace; a cup of earl grey to my right and the ocean view to my left.

The sun is just about winding down, and if the sky is anything like last nights, it’ll soon be lit up with beautiful pastel shades of orange, pink and yellow like a huge fire. Because that’s the thing about Menorca. It has the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen, rivaling any tropical or exotic isle, and it’s wonderfully wild. Somehow its remained untouched unlike its neighboring isles Majorca and Ibiza, where tourists flock staining the sand with remnants of their passing through. That’s why I like to think of this place as my little secret; an undiscovered island, like The Beach. Where my family and I can continue to visit, remaining undisturbed by everything life tries to throw at us. Although, like most secrets, I’m sure one of us will give it away in the end…


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