Chelsea Library

This blog was born within the heart of Chelsea Library. A somewhat drab building spread over three floors on the Kings Road. Aside from the grey-haired librarians and stone faced book keepers, the place is full of all sorts of people; tapping away on laptops, or their eyes sternly buried in anemic-looking hard backs. I’m sitting in the Resource Library on the third floor, a room stuffed with dusty books on absolutely anything: from animals and plant life, to literature theory and the sculpture renaissance.

Despite not picking one up to flick through its pages, there’s something humbling about being surrounded by so much knowledge. Each page of every book has a new fact for me to learn, like a game of Trivial Pursuit. Chelsea Library is adjacent to Chelsea Town Hall where, even on a rainy Monday afternoon, couples emerge in a sea of confetti; having just tied the knot. The cheers from friends and family are heard rattling through the library windows every few minutes or so, adding a touch of joviality to the rather serious atmosphere.


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